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  • Is drinking water a task for you?
  • Do you often FORGET to drink water?
  • Do you ONLY drink water when you feel thirsty?
  • Do you drink water ONLY at meal times?

The Institute of Medicine recommends roughly a gallon (125 ounces) of water per day for adult men and about three-quarters of a gallon (91 ounces) for women. But exercise, medical condition, air temperatures and age can all cause those numbers to rise.

New stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show many American adults don’t drink enough water.

First and foremost, for most people, water drinking just falls by the wayside in the rush of everyday life.

Did You Know?

Research shows that even mild dehydration of around 1% - 3% of the body weight can damage various aspects of the brain.

Chronic and persistently increasing dehydration is root cause of almost all currently encountered diseases of the human body.

The root cause of many pains, is dehydration.

Take the Water Drinking Challenge!


  • To increase your water consumption, this challenge is for you.
  • Clearer skin, this challenge is for you.
  • To increase your anti-aging benefits, this challenge is for you.
  • Improved digestion, this challenge is for you.
  • To eliminate body aches and pains from dehydration, this challenge is for you.

“Need I say more??”
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“I tried all 6 water flavor challenges. Tomorrow I will taste for the first time & the last drink the last flavor which is the Lemon, Ginger & Mint water. Can't wait.

I extremely enjoyed the refreshing flavors & I honestly will do again... it helped keep me on target with my water consumption.

Last but not least I made the Ginger Water and drank it as a tea! LOVED IT!!!! Oh my! Thanks Terry.” ❤

Norma M.