mathew j. | Sandwich illinois

Public Presentations"

"The four presentations Terry offered expanded our summer programming schedule, and it brought in people who do not regularly attend programs. Terry's expertise augmented the kind of information we were able to offer to the public!".  

Thank you, - Sandwich Public Library

monique o. | illinois

I've changed my diet and exercise daily"

"have been experiencing more energy and mental clarity. My blood pressure has improved and I do not have cravings like I did before.  Terry was able to help me with my health issues and help me with a diet plan to improve my overall health".  

Thank you 

Pamela A. | texas

After finally settling down to do my one day detox"

"I discovered it was indeed needed. The process was rigorous being that my body was probably already deficient in being properly hydrated. Unfortunately like most of us drinking water is not our forte, especially in large amounts. But, My body felt really clean after the process. I would not hesitate to try this detox on a regular basis. I am very please with the results and cant wait until next week to begin my 3-day detox. Sooo much coming out...my God this is Amazing." 

Thank you

Debra y. | illinois

Terry's education about deficiencies in vitamins and minerals was a Godsend."

"I was so glad to be informed that there was a better way to combat the pains I was getting from the lupus I suffer with. I told Terry what I was struggling with, the pain getting out of bed, and the excruciating joint pain. When she told me to ask my doctor to test my vitamin D levels, I did and found out my levels were severely low-a 17! She informed me of where my levels should be, and I started taking therapeutic levels of vitamin D3, then I re-tested. Immediately after starting feeling better and better each day."


Thank  you very much

anthony h. | illinois

"After weeks went by the lump and the pain went away."

 A few years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and did not want to take any type of prescription drug to lower if because of the side affects prescription drugs can have. Terry helped me find a natural remedy to lower my cholesterol. I also had a lump on the inside of my left knee with pain, that came out of nowhere. It was inflammation in the tissues of my knee.  After weeks went by the lump and the pain went away." 

Thank you

Patricia F. | illinois

"My right foot’s inflammation decreased at least 50% since the Nutritional Therapy with Terry"

Terry is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition and health. She is passionate about the overall wellness of her clients. Terry radiates compassion and has excellent communication skills. It was an absolutely pleasure working with Terry as she educated me greatly in nutrition and wellness.                                      

 Thank you again Terry

chaquita  w. illinois

Suggesting wonderful, affordable and healthier ways ...”

 " Just wanted to say super thank you for your knowledge and support. Ms. Terry you have been a true relief bringer in my unhealthy and uncomfortable life. Suggesting wonderful, affordable and healthier ways to eat and most importantly you suggested that I do the necessary cleanses and use the proper vitamins." 

Thank you dearly

nachi n. Illinois

"I'd say the snack menu, helped me consider snacks for meals"

" The snack menu really opened my eyes to all the different ways to snack. It has actually expanded also what I do for meals. It's been interesting as well as challenging - in the best way possible. I discovered a new crave, Peanut butter and apples! Ahhh!!! Where has this been all my life?? I'm not much of a snacker, and my snack repertoire grew. Id say the snack menu, helped me consider snacks for meals."

Thank you

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