Mother’s Day Ideas: Gifts for 2021

By Theresa Harding

Mother’s Day comes right along with the full wake of spring, and I’m sure you’re all anxious to catch some sunlight after a long, harsh winter. Taking walks in nature is a fantastic way to get into the summertime vibe we yearn for throughout the seasons.  Spending time with your Mom by joining her on a nice walk in nature is a great gift.   Below are 5 ideas you can choose from to gift to your Mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Take a Road Trip

When you hear the words, Happy Mother’s Day, you usually think of a backyard get-together, right? How about you switch it up this year and plan a trip somewhere she won’t forget!

Taking a nice, pleasant road trip can be fun if she’s ok about the drive.  You can stop somewhere like a State Park to rest, relax, and take pictures to create memories.  If she isn’t into the whole strapped-up boot, tree- branch cane scene, set up something more relaxing like a camping trip. Now you’ll want to do some research on this one and make sure its somewhere she’ll be comfortable in. You will be there for quite some time after all. Don’t forget the bug spray!

 2. Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas


Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas

Over the years, I personally have enjoyed the much-enjoyed Mother’s Day Brunch with my immediate family.  Lately, I’ve been most picky about where I choose to dine out because of the food choices at some restaurants.  You can find some restaurants that do serve some healthy choices on the menu, however. 

since the covid pandemic has changed the way we dine out temporarily, about 46% of people say they still plan the traditional Mother’s Day outing, brunch, or other activities according to the National Retail Federation.

Now, this is something very common amongst us Mother’s Day celebrators. In fact, about 54.3% of celebrants say they’ll be going out for brunch or dinner for a happy mother’s day outing, according to the National Retail Federation. Instead of taking her out to the usual spots Dads, might I suggest a trip down memory lane?

By that, I mean take her back to the restaurant you two first laid eyes on each other for a Mother’s Day brunch or maybe the town where you proposed.  If you aren’t in the husband or boyfriend category, another great gift for Mom is to go somewhere she used to take you when you were younger. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Just somewhere familiar that’ll put a smile on her face.

3. Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed Ideas

Mother’s Day breakfast in bed was the popular option in our household when I was a kid.  I remember cooking what I’d seen as my mother’s favorite breakfast foods. 

The toast might’ve been a little on the darker side, and the eggs might’ve been cooked a little too long, but in my eyes, my meal beat any Mother’s Day brunch without a doubt!  She always ate it too.  (well, I stood there until she finished all of it.), but it was the thought that counts, right?

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive… actually, let me rephrase that: A happy Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be CRAZY expensive! Maybe you already have a pricey Mother’s day gift in mind for your one and only.

To help save money and balance out your spending, what better way to start Mother’s Day than a delicious breakfast in bed recipe? It’s pretty light on the wallet too. Here is a link to some vegan breakfast recipes some delicious breakfast in bed recipes.  If your Mother prefers meat, you can always throw in her favorite breakfast meat.

4. Relaxation

Who says a Mother’s Day gift has to be monetary?

Guys let’s face it, being a mother is hard work. The way I see it, being a mother is pretty much a full-time job and it’s not like she can call in sick or put in her 2 weeks.  So to show your appreciation for all the hard work she puts in, spend the day finding ways to lighten her load so she can relax for the day.

Or, if you’re a mother reading this, you can make a list for your family of what you want to be done around the house or whatever tasks you can think of so that you can just sit back and enjoy the holiday.  I mean, it is Mother’s Day!

5. Homemade Body Care Products


Homemade Body Care Products for Mom

You will find that there are many small businesses that can easily be found online.  Just take a look at and you will easily find any skincare product.  There are entrepreneurs on Etsy who make their own skincare products that are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. 

Your Mother would really appreciate a skincare line that’s made with love.  Just make sure you’re aware of her skin type so that you can search for the product that complements her skincare needs.  You can do the same for hair care products too. 

First, find out your mother’s hair type, then search on sites like Etsy or just search online for hair care products made by a small business owner or solopreneur.  You will also find home-made scented candles and homemade soaps made by small business owners as well. 

This is my favorite candle and soap making company, owned my Libby.  Her candles smell so yummy!  Just remember, you don’t need to focus on an expensive Mother’s Day gift.  Just focus on spending invaluable time together.

By personalizing a gift for your Mother, you will make her feel really special.  This is also a form of self-care for her, as I’m always promoting self-care when possible.

 What is your idea of deciding on great Mother’s Day gifts for mom?

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