Mineral Balancing

Are you minerally balanced?  Do you take many different supplements in isolation only to find out you’re deficient in yet another vitamin or mineral?  Do you feel symptoms that no one can explain why, or you’re told by your doctor that you’re fine?

Maybe it’s time to look a little deeper for answers.  Save time and hundreds of dollars from lots of lab testing, “specialist” appointments, and unnecessary scans to find out that your symptoms are due to low mineral intake from your diet.  You might be minerally imbalanced.  

You see, when we continue to go day after day, even years of a diet that’s low in minerals, our body starts to malfunction, and this includes our organs.   When we don’t feed our body the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals for general nutrition, we run into problems.

To find out what you’re missing in your daily mineral intake, a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is the ideal way to go.

What is a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

The HTMA is an analytical test that measures the content of your hair.  Highly sophisticated detection equipment and methods are used to get the most accurate results.  Find out your mineral deficiencies,  heavy metal toxicities, adrenal status, and metabolic type.

Why is Hair Used?

Hair is the best tissue used for sampling and testing, as it can be easily and painlessly sent to the lab while avoiding special handling requirements.  Additionally, clinical results have shown that a properly obtained sample gives an indication of mineral status and toxic metal accumulation after long-term or acute exposure. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses hair as one of the tissues to determine toxic metal exposure.  Studies in the U.S. and abroad have concluded that human hair may be more appropriate tissue than blood or urine in studying community exposure to some trace elements.

Why Test for Minerals?

We need our trace minerals for metabolic functions in all phases of the life process.  Having a deficiency in these important minerals can cause imbalances in the body and lead to dis-eases.  To address any symptoms you might be experiencing, testing for minerals is necessary and effective.

How can I benefit from this HTMA?

When you follow the suggestions following your test results, you can expect:

  • Less time and money wasted from taking supplements that are throwing your body chemistry off-balance.
  • Enhanced ability of your body to more efficiently utilize the nutrients you consume.
  • Improved energy production and health.
  • A unique insight into your nutritional biochemistry.
  • Reestablished normal balance of body chemistry through individually designed dietary and supplement suggestions.
  • Re-established homeostatic balance or equilibrium of body chemistry to enhance your body’s ability to remove heavy metals naturally.
  • Better nutrient absorption.
  • Recommendations specifically designed according to your metabolic type, mineral status, age, and sex.

What Symptoms are Associated with Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies and/or Excess?

There a list of symptoms you might experience from a mineral deficiency or mineral excesses such as headaches, fatigue, allergies, anxiety, depression, weakness, arthritis, high blood pressure, and more.

Why Do We Become Minerally Imbalanced?

There are a number of reasons we become minerally imbalanced, such as poor diet and high intake of refined and processed foods, alcohol, fad diets, physical and emotional stress, prescribed and over-the-counter medications, pollution from exposure to toxic metal sources like cigarette smoke (cadmium), hair dyes (lead), hydrogenated oils (nickel), antiperspirants (aluminum), lead-based cosmetics, copper and aluminum cookware, and dental amalgams (mercury and cadmium), to name a few. (Yes, there’s more).

Even some poor quality nutritional supplements taken in the improper amounts can cause mineral excesses and deficiencies that contribute to your overall biochemical imbalance.  Lastly, a predisposition toward mineral imbalances that you inherited from your parents can cause an excess or deficiency.

It’s also important to note that taking minerals in isolation long-term can cause mineral deficiencies in other minerals.  For example, taking a Zinc supplement in isolation long-term can reduce the effects of vitamin D, and Calcium taken in isolation long-term can reduce the effects of vitamin A.  

Studies have shown that taking Calcium in isolation long-term may contribute to osteoporosis, weight gain, and fatigue.

To prevent mineral imbalances due to taking other minerals in isolation, an HTMA can give you insight on where your mineral levels are so that you can adjust your dietary intake as needed.

Once you learn your mineral balance, you can then create a nutritional plan for yourself to alleviate or eliminate any symptoms you might be experiencing due to the mineral imbalances.  That’s the direction we want to guide you for better health!

What will My Test Results Look Like?

Your test report provides you with a complete and comprehensive computer evaluation of significant mineral levels and ratios as tested in your hair.  You’ll also receive a list of foods to eat or avoid in accordance with food allergy indicators and individualized requirements.  

In addition, this report will contain a highly specific list of nutrients that may assist you in balancing your body chemistry.

How will I Receive My Test Results?

Your results will be emailed to you from the Trace Elements, Inc Lab as soon as they become available, so use your best email address at the time of purchasing your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.  You'll also receive nutritional recommendations to help you get balanced.  We will assist you as well with unlimited email support along with a one-hour consultation to explain your lab results and answer your questions.

About the testing Lab

Trace Elements is an independent testing laboratory specializing in hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Trace Elements and its employees are dedicated to providing timely, accurate and precise laboratory services, high-quality nutritional products and clinically relevant information and consultations.  

By maintaining an emphasis on a wholistic approach to health care treatment, Trace Elements as a healthcare company is unique in recognizing the adverse impact of both over-nutrition as well as under-nutrition. By stressing the importance of optimum nutrition and a metabolic balancing approach, therapy can then become much more effective and predictable.

“Through proper interpretations, there exists a unique ability to recognize abnormal metabolic processes from trace mineral patterns found in the hair and other tissues.  With specific dietary modifications, restoration of a more normal biochemical balance can be achieved, thereby eliminating many nutritionally related endocrine, neurological and even emotional disturbances.”  -David L. Watts, Ph.D.

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