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Meet Terry, Your Holistic Nutritionist

My Education & Training

I'm the founder of terrytalks, a certified Holistic Nutritionist with AFPA Fitness, and a health and wellness consultant. I have been on the health and wellness journey for over 14 years. I provide One-on-One wellness consultations virtually and in person, world-wide, as well as Mineral Balancing consultations, grocery shopping tours virtually and in-person, and lectures along with workshops for children and adults. I also offer meal prep classes. 

Besides my certification in holistic nutrition, I'm also trained in Flexibility & Stretching with AFPA Fitness, and I received my Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Training with Sassy Holistic. I'm currently studying Iridology and Kinesiology at the Centre of Excellence for ongoing training and education.

My story with Holistic Health!

When my son was 12 years old, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was devastated as I couldn't imagine my 12 years old son taking high blood pressure medication for the rest of his life. As a mother, I knew I had to do something. I immediately changed our diet and lifestyle, And within 30 days, I was able to bring my son's blood pressure down. 

When my youngest son was 5 years old, he suffered from severe eczema. He would wake up every morning with a bloody shirt from scratching eczema itches all night. No mother wants to see their child suffering. So, I made some adjustments to his diet and personal care products, and eczema went away.

In 2013 my thyroid hormone levels got really high, causing my to suffer from the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  I knew I had to make some adjustments to my diet and lifestyle, and after 3 months, I was thoroughly test again, and the results showed a normal thyroid hormone level, and I felt great!  No drugs needed!

My Journey!

I started my health & wellness journey over 14 years ago, when I was facing some health challenges with my children, husband, and herself. I experienced great healing results from changing my diet and lifestyle, and I was convinced if I could do it, so can you!

I earned my MBA and Bachelors' degree in business, but my education did not prepare me for the health challenges I later faced.  The solutions I later learned from 14 years of research and self-study, along with over 18 years of nutrition training from the Association for Child Development-a USDA nutrition program for children and adults. This extended education equipped me with the desire to help others on their health and wellness journey.

I've been teaching health and wellness since 2007, and now am expanding my desire to help others become more in-tuned to their health and wellness through one-on-one Wellness coaching and consultations.

My Goal for terrytalks!

My goal is to help others learn how to restore their vitality with simple methods of whole food nutrition and Self-Care. As a holistic nutritionist, she understands the importance of nutrition and self-care. As such, I want to guide you in making impactful lifestyle changes and help you find natural and healthier alternatives to balance your health and prevent health challenges long-term.

I believes in the power of natural alternatives and have experienced the benefits first-hand. Health and wellness are preventive medicine. It will not only save you many trips to the doctor, keep you away from taking medicine that could cause side effects, but it will also help save money on those medical bills.  My mission is to impact many people around the world and to keep raising awareness that natural health is simple, not complicated.

I'm an informer, advocate, consultant, researcher, and informed consumer who loves to research, learn, and share health & wellness tips to those who want to maximize their health potential through a healthy diet and lifestyle change.  When not working, you can find me engaged in reading, baking, DIY skin care, and cooking.

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Amber M. Channahan, IL.

I loved how simple the snacks

I loved how simple the snacks were and appreciated the time she took to explain the science and nutrition benefits in each ingredient.   It was very informative, but felt primarily geared towards adults/parents. Primarily, adjusting the delivery to ask more questions directed at them, asking the kids to think critically about information presented in an age appropriate way or calling on them to predict the next step in the instructions, etc.  Amber M., Three Rivers Library

Monique O. cresthill, il.

I've changed my diet and exercise

I've changed my diet and exercise daily and have been experiencing more energy and mental clarity. My blood pressure has improved and I do not have cravings like I did before.  Terry was able to help me with my health issues and help me with a diet plan to improve my overall health". 

The information I share on this site is for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice, medical nutritional therapy or individualized medical nutritional counseling. All information I share on this site is generalized information. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or heal any condition. Please consult with a licensed health practitioner before starting any fitness regimen,adding supplements to your diet regimen, or any other changes that can affect your current treatment plan.

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