Let’s Get Ready to Detox!*

Let’s Get Ready to Detox!

If you’re currently taking medications, pregnant, or breastfeeding, do not try this detox.

Do you struggle with constipation, food cravings, digestive issues, skin issues, brain fog, weak immunity, body odor, excessive sweating, bad breath, or weight loss Toxins get stored in fat when the liver cannot handle the constant influx of toxins?

These are some of the symptoms that you can experience when there is a need to detox.  If you can say “yes” to the above symptoms, a detox can help.

What is a Detox?

Detoxification refers to a cleansing or purification process.   The body has its own detoxification process via the liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, and the skin.  However, during the course of "doing life", we get toxic exposure from the  environment, unhealthy food, drugs, medications, and toxic relationships.  

This puts a burden on the organ system causing blockage and requiring the need for support of the elimination pathways.  This can be done with a gentle detox using whole foods.  Poor quality nutrition also contributes to the buildup of toxins in the body. During this gentle whole foods detox, the goal is to strengthen, nourish and rebuild the body from the inside out.

In addition, detoxification involves the transformation and elimination of bodily waste such as the toxins that impair physical organ function, mental well-being, and cognitive function.  If this is your struggle, this detox is for you.

       How We Accumulate Toxins

A majority of the toxins that we come into contact with on a daily basis are products that we use ourselves: deodorant, makeup, perfume, hair dye, shampoo, dish soap, shaving cream, and more. 

Did you know that the average woman puts on about 515 different synthetic chemicals daily with most of that being just in the morning? These toxic chemicals include GMOs, parabens, propylene glycol, ethoxylated compounds, aluminum, SLS, fragrance, artificial colors, micas, oxides, and more!

There are about 82,000 ingredients used in these products, many of them are known carcinogens.  This is why it’s so important that we assist our organs in their natural detoxification process.

It’s time to detox from the toxic overload that comes from a diet high in carbs, proteins, grains, fast-food, grains, processed foods, and negative thoughts.  Remove toxins that impair your physical organ function and affect your mental well-being and cognitive function.

“Accumulation without Elimination requires the need for Detoxification.”

Lets begin this journey to become a better version of ourselves using whole food nutrition.

Detox Benefits

This moderate and gentle detox includes whole foods to hydrate, alkalize, energize, and nourish your body from the inside out. Providing your body vitality while supporting drainage via the kidneys, liver, skin, and lymphatic system. 

“The body can be overwhelmed by toxic accumulations as a consequence of fatigue, poor circulation, or improper diet.” -Dr. Jenson 

This is the reason why it becomes crucial to detox the body every once in a while so that harmful toxins get flushed out and you can improve your metabolic functions, prevent ailments and obtain beautiful skin and hair.

Detox Testimonials

I couldn't believe how much I purged during this 3-day detox.  I lost 3 lbs. of old waste in 3 days, without exercising, lol!  I thought I would feel deprived of food during the detox, but I was actually looking forward to how much I would remove from my body each day. Each bathroom trip kept me motivated to keep going through the detox.  You just need to be prepared to remove LOTS of waste if that's your goal, because you will! -Terry H.

…After finally settling down to do my one day detox I discovered it was indeed needed. The process was rigorous being that my body was probably already deficient in being properly hydrated. Unfortunately like most of us drinking water is not our forte, especially in large amounts. But, My body felt really clean after the process. I would not hesitate to try this detox on a regular basis. I am very please with the results and cant wait until next week to begin my 3-day detox. "Sooo much coming out...my God this is Amazing."

-Pam A.

"I'm surprised that I haven't been as hungry. I love it so far." -Shiketa M.