Grounding for Better Health

Grounding for Health

By Theresa Harding

Getting Grounded for Health

You may have frequently heard friends or loved ones who are taking some time off to describe their experience as ‘getting grounded’.  All things considered, believe it or not, Grounding or Earthing could have a profound impact on your health and physiological well-being.  However, the application of getting grounded might be considerably easier and simpler than you might suspect.  Truth be told, it just requires that you simply remove your shoes!

The Need for Getting Grounded

The earth has a quantifiable electrical charge, as do our bodies.  Generally, in our society, we tend to live most of our lives outdoors in shoes with thick rubber soles, in an environment full of items with electrical currents, like cars, computers, smartphones, and electronics, losing us the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment when getting grounded.

Because the magnetic fields of these different items connect with your own natural field, they interact, resulting in tiny imbalances of electrical charge which will accumulate over time. These imbalances measure a well-known explanation for inflammation in your body tissues.

Getting the Most from Your Grounded Experience 

In addition to placing yourself in contact with the earth’s electrical charge, or earthing, which is the sole natural supply of electrical charge our bodies have adapted to cope with, you should also practice standing tall, with good posture. Most people spend a lot of their time sitting, which has effects on their posture, and even their brain chemistry. It has been proven that slouching increases the speed of cortisol production in your brain, making you to feel more tired and stressed.  Giving you the reverse experience of the power of the mind.

All of the important nerves and blood vessels travel through the back of the neck inside the spinal cord. When you stand up straight and tall, it is easier for you to take deep breaths of fresh air and easier for your oxygenated-blood to travel everywhere in your body. In return, this makes you feel more positive and alert with a level of spiritual enlightenment.

How Getting Grounded is Performed

Performing this exercise consistently is the simple way to ground your body and enhance your health. To start, put your feet about hip-width apart and shake gently forward and backward, and side to side in order to find your center of balance. Ensure there is equal pressure on both the internal and external of your feet. Try to gently grasp the ground with your toes and plant yourself into the earth.

Since we sit so much, a great number of people often slouch, which compresses the spine. We can decompress the spine by standing tall after we have discovered our balance and solidly plant our feet in the ground. Allow a slight give in your knees and tuck in your tailbone slightly. Pull your shoulder bones back softly and allow your chest to rise as if being pulled straight up by a string connected to your breastbone.

The Benefits of Grounding

As you adjust your body’s electricity directly over your feet, you will be effectively ridding your tissues of inflammation, be it sore muscles or the strain of things in your atmosphere you may not know about.  By standing tall and breathing deeply you are sending a tsunami of oxygen-rich blood to your brain, hence, a power of the mind, the number one most nutritive thing your body needs.

Doing this straightforward and simple practice for only a couple of minutes a day, you are guaranteed to feel more ready and balanced throughout your day.  You may even experience spiritual enlightenment.

By continually practicing grounding, there are numerous health benefits you can achieve, such as: Improved immune function, improved digestion, improved sleep, rapid healing of injuries, improved blood circulation, harmonization and stabilization of the body’s basic biological rhythms, accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity, reduction of inflammation, reduced stress / anxiety / irritability, and reduced electro-sensitivity.

Start today and get grounded to help promote health and healing in your body!  Here is a great book you might like to read if you want to learn more about grounding. Click Here!


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