Finding Quality Food Choices for your Family. Whole Food Vs. Food


Finding Quality foods

By Theresa Harding

 When I started making better food choices, I would read different articles and books during my extensive research and see the word #wholefoods.  I didn’t know what that term meant.  I thought I was already buying whole foods for my family, but little did I know that I had a lot to learn.  I was only buying about 20% of my foods whole, and that only included a bag of apples and oranges.  So, let me break it down for those of you who don’t quite know what the term “whole foods means.

 The whole foods definition is simply food that has been processed or refined as little as possible, and is free from additives or other artificial substances, before additives or other artificial substances, before being consumed.  Examples of whole foods include; fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains instead of refined grains.

 One rule- of- thumb to stick by that helps you to remember is, if the food is a by-product of the “real thing”, avoid it.  For example:  A whole chicken instead of chicken nuggets-which is the by-product of the whole chicken; or French fries, which is the by-product of potatoes.  Potatoes can simply be prepared by boiling and mashing, or cooked by you, any way you like them.  Just don’t purchase them already in a “processed” form because a lot of unnecessary chemicals and preservatives can go into processing them before they reach the store.

 The goal is to prepare your own food and add whatever spices and or herbs you desire.  Avoid food and snacks that have already been “flavored”, as these foods usually will be flavored with artificial flavors and colors.  Shop for foods in their rarest form, unprepared.  Following this method will keep you well on your way to a healthy-eating lifestyle with reduced risk of health and allergy problems we often get. 

About the Author Terry

Healthy Living isn't difficult. It requires an ongoing lifestyle change with patience and an open mind. I teach this mindset all the time. After 14 years of transitioning from an unhealthy lifestyle to a pain-free one, I think it's important to share my knowledge and research with those who are ready to make that shift in their health and wellness.

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