Finding the Healthy Food Choices for Your Family


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By Theresa Harding
Finding Healthy Foods Without the Hassle is Possible

Shopping for healthy food doesn’t have to become a daunting task.  For most of us, it’s an adventure, as we learn of new and different choices there are in our local market.  Patience, planning, and consistency will score you better deals and success in your efforts. 

My Journey

When I first started my healthy eating journey, I didn’t know what I’d find in my favorite stores.  I purchased my first bag of organic apples and I remember feeling so proud of myself.  I thought for sure I’d win the “mother of the year award”, lol!  Then I went to Whole Foods store and spent $50 to $75 more on groceries!  I was trying to continue buying my usual 4 boxes of cereals, but the “healthier” brands cost more.  I thought healthy eating meant only shopping at the health food stores.  Once I went to my neighborhood grocer, I actually found some of the same brands of food at a lower price.

How to Find Healthy Food

You don’t have to shop at specialty stores for natural and organic foods today.  With the major competition in the food industry, many grocery chains sell natural and organic brands of food.  Just choose 2-3 of your favorite stores and make a list of your favorite foods you find in each of those stores, and shop their sales each week, using their weekly Circular.  You’ll find many deals on organic foods.  This is how we save tremendously!  Stock up when your favorite products go on sale.

When to Find Sales

Many grocery chains run sales on a rotating schedule throughout the month, so you must pay close attention when your favorite products go on sale again to know how much to stock up on, so you’ll have enough of that product for the next sale.  Use store and manufacturer’s coupons if you have patience for them and you’ll be well on your way to seeing a savings in your grocery bill.

What are some of your ways to save money on natural and organic foods?


%Health and Wellness Tips%Terry Talks

About the Author Theresa Harding

Healthy Living isn't difficult. It requires an ongoing lifestyle change with patience and an open mind. I teach this mindset all the time. After 11 years of transitioning from an unhealthy lifestyle to a pain-free one, I think it's important to share my knowledge and research with those who are ready to make that shift in their health and wellness.

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