Should You Detox Your Diet Before Starting a New Diet?


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By Theresa Harding

When I first started my journey to clean eating, I wanted to know if I needed to start with a “clean slate” in my diet.  I consulted with a nutritional coach who informed me that it was not necessary.  All I needed to do was stop buying what I was buying for groceries, and change my grocery list to “whole food” choices.  So with a few adjustments, and many phone consultations, I changed my diet and lifestyle to achieve a healthy body.

The Detox

Did I detox?  In a sense yes!  I felt I needed to.  I wanted to eliminate inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, constipation, and some other symptoms that go along with the need to detox.  I also needed to detox our pantry, and refrigerator.  I eliminated unhealthy juices, packaged processed snacks, and unhealthy food choices.  It wasn’t as hard as I perceived a detox diet would be.  I learned to make healthy choices of food for our family.  We also removed toxic cleaning products and replaced them with Eco-friendly cleaning products.

How I Did It 

Knowing what to buy wasn’t easy, as it required lots of label-reading and knowing what ingredients were known toxins.  Since I obviously knew some of the products we usually purchased were toxic, I already knew which products I would replace in our home.  That was more than 10 years ago, and some products were not easy find in most grocery stores.   Today, many grocers sell Eco-friendly cleaning products and organic foods that at one time could only be found at Health Food Stores.  

The Results

Over a period of time we had  new way of green living that gave us better health results than before the diet detox, and product changes.  The next time you think of transitioning to better health, don’t focus so much on the changes you’ll have to make, focus on what results you will get when you replace the “bad” for the “good”.

Have you tried a detox diet?  What was your experience?





%Health and Wellness Tips%Terry Talks

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