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7 Benefits of Drinking Water You Must Know!
  By Theresa Harding            Updated October 12, 2018.                [...]
Become the Healthy Male You Were Designed to Be
By Theresa Harding           Being in the position as the male Role Model in the family is[...]
5 Memorable Ways to Create a Happy Father’s Day
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5 Natural Ways to Manage Your Mental Health
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5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health
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5 Memorable Mother’s Day Ideas
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The Top 5 Love Languages to Re-energize Your Friendships
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How the 5 Love Languages Can Improve Relationships
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Spring Cleaning for Better Health and Wellness
  By Theresa Harding When I was a growing up, we always did our spring house cleaning during “clean-up week” when[...]
Toxins that Negatively Affect Your Heart Health
    By Theresa Harding          This post contains affiliate links. I always thought of toxins as[...]
The Most Effective Heart Health Supplements
  By Theresa Harding I never realized that heart supplements are available to help with cardiovascular health.  Surprisingly there are,[...]
Inflammation and Sugar, the Connection
By Theresa Harding Are you currently taking supplements for inflammation?  Do you find that no matter what you take for[...]
  By Theresa Harding Did you know that many diseases start with inflammation? Inflammation is a vital part of the[...]
By Theresa Harding Did it ever occur to you that your diet is the culprit to your body aches and[...]
The Top 10 Winter Foods for Your Immunity
By Theresa Harding Winter is the time to slow down, nourish the soul, and focus on strengthening our immunity.  Eating[...]
The Top 9 Ways to Naturally Winterize Your Immunity
By Theresa Harding As we move from the Autumn season and into the winter season, I start preparing for the[...]
The Top 8 Natural Remedies for Autumn Skin Care
By Theresa Harding Of all the seasons, perhaps the most romanticized and hotly anticipated is autumn. We expect orange-hued days[...]
4 Steps to Natural Breast Care [A Step-By-Step Guide]
By Theresa Harding          This post contains affiliate links. For every woman, the breasts are amazing organs.[...]
A Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan
  By Theresa Harding Being fat is a choice. You have the control to lose weight and also the power[...]



Suggesting wonderful, affordable and healthier ways"

" Just wanted to say super thank you for your knowledge and support. Ms. Terry you have been a true relief bringer in my unhealthy and uncomfortable life. Suggesting wonderful, affordable and healthier ways to eat and most importantly you suggested that I do the necessary cleanses and use the proper vitamins."​​​​

 Thank you dearly.

Chaquita W.


After weeks went by the lump and the pain went away."

" A few years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and did not want to take any type of prescription drug to lower if because of the side affects prescription drugs can have. Terry, my wife helped me find a natural remedy to lower my cholesterol. I also had a lump on the inside of my left knee with pain, that came out of nowhere. It was inflammation in the tissues of my knee. Terry suggested I start putting goat's milk powder in my breakfast smoothies everyday. After weeks went by the lump and the pain went away." 

Anthony H.