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Getting Started-The Healthy Lifestyle Change
By Theresa Harding What is the healthy lifestyle change?  Why is it necessary?  That question can be answered by you![...]
Clean Eating Tips for Your Family
By Theresa Harding (updated 9/2/19) Finding Healthy Foods Without the Hassle is Possible Shopping for healthy food doesn't have to[...]
How to Balance Your Grocery Spending During Your Transition to Healthy Eating
  By Theresa Harding Now that you’ve made up your mind about transitioning to a lifestyle change of “clean” eating,[...]
Getting Your Family On-Board with Your Transition to Clean Eating
By Theresa Harding When I first started my journey to a lifestyle change of clean eating, I thought for sure[...]
Finding Quality Food Choices for your Family. Whole Food Vs. Food
  By Theresa Harding  When I started making better food choices, I would read different articles and books during my[...]
Everyone Can Afford Healthy, Quality Food, Here’s Why!
By Theresa HardingWhen I have foodchat with friends or family, I often hear statements like, “Eating healthy is too expensive.” [...]
Should You Detox Your Diet Before Starting a New Diet?
  By Theresa Harding When I first started my journey to “clean eating”, I wanted to know if I needed[...]
Warming Foods for the Winter- Soups and Stews
By Theresa Harding My Experience With Soups and Stews During this time of year, I enjoy hanging out in the[...]
Holistic Dentistry-the Alternative to Dental Care
  By Theresa Harding The Difference Between a Holistic and Regular/Traditional Dentist  Holistic Dentistry is Holistic dental care that looks at[...]
The Truth About Root Canal Treatments and the Side Effects
By Theresa Harding What We Know About Root Canals What do we know about a Root Canal treatment?  At some point[...]
Organic Food Trends
  By Theresa Harding Due to the rapid pace of change economy, the unpredictable political environment in many countries and[...]
Grounding for Better Health
By Theresa Harding Getting Grounded for Health You may have frequently heard friends or loved ones who are taking some[...]
Stop Seasonal Allergies with Naturopathic Remedies
    By Theresa Harding Spring and Summer are beautiful seasons for many people, but for those who suffer from[...]
The Top 5 Anti-Aging and Summer Skin Care Remedies
By Theresa Harding Summer time means relaxing and spending lots of time out in the sun,whether in your backyard, at[...]
How Sugar Speeds up the Body’s Aging Process
By Theresa Harding These days, we all desire to look young eternally.  We look for ways to stop the aging[...]
The Trend in Weight Loss Today – Why Many Are Successful Today
By Theresa Harding My Weight Loss Goal This year I made the commitment to lose weight and tone.  I didn’t[...]
The Connection Between Weight Loss and Multiple Food Sensitivities
By Theresa Harding My Experience I never knew that something as simple as knowing that my “go-to” foods were causing[...]
The Correlation Between Weight Loss and Green Tea
By Theresa Harding          This post contains affiliate links. Maintaining the proper weight is key to a healthy[...]
Multiple Food Sensitivities and Weight Gain
By Theresa Harding (Updated 5/13/19)        One of the many challenges to my weight loss efforts was trying to[...]


Suggesting wonderful, affordable and healthier ways"

" Just wanted to say super thank you for your knowledge and support. Ms. Terry you have been a true relief bringer in my unhealthy and uncomfortable life. Suggesting wonderful, affordable and healthier ways to eat and most importantly you suggested that I do the necessary cleanses and use the proper vitamins."​​​​

 Thank you dearly.

Chaquita W.

After weeks went by the lump and the pain went away."

" A few years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and did not want to take any type of prescription drug to lower if because of the side affects prescription drugs can have. Terry, my wife helped me find a natural remedy to lower my cholesterol. I also had a lump on the inside of my left knee with pain, that came out of nowhere. It was inflammation in the tissues of my knee. Terry suggested I start putting goat's milk powder in my breakfast smoothies everyday. After weeks went by the lump and the pain went away." 

Anthony H.

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