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The Connection Between Weight Loss and Multiple Food Sensitivities

By Theresa Harding

My Experience

I never knew that something as simple as knowing that my “go-to” foods were causing me the extra weight gain over the past 3 years.  I was doing every healthy thing I knew to do.  All accept researching the possible reasons for my weight gain. 

After doing some extra “digging”, I found some other possible reasons for my weight gain that I had not considered before, and I was able to prove that food sensitivities were the problem.  I did experience inflammation with some body aches in my knees as well and had a hard time eliminating the pain. 

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So I started taking an Omega 3 supplement for inflammation.  The pain lessened but did not completely go away until I discovered I had issues with some food sensitivities.

Food Sensitivities

Food allergies in children are rather intense and easy to detect. The case is different in adults because the presentation of food sensitivity symptoms comes in the form of mild allergies and sensitivities. Your body begins to reject such foods as corn, wheat, eggs or even milk.

In fact, it has been proven that once you cut the potentially problematic foods, you will deal with other challenges like low mood and headaches.

In your attempt to cut weight, you probably have tried low GI, low carb, low fats, etc. and failed. According to experts, the problem lies in food sensitivity.   Sensitivities have been proven to contribute to weight gain, even added calories in your food, and failure to exercise.

The challenge with identifying food sensitivity symptoms is because one ends up with a headache or fatigue that is not associated with diet. It takes a specialist to pinpoint the problem.

Hidden Dangers of Food Sensitivity

The fact that many people are exposed to foods they are allergic to, may escape their attention because the reaction is mild.  Some consume the food over breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.  Over the years, vague food sensitivity symptoms of fatigue, constipation, unexplained weight gain and bloating continue undetected.  

The problem escalates by taking a toll on your immune system. With an overworked system, the problem spills over to such conditions as arthritis, irritable bowel, and weight gain, among others.

Allergies and Weight Gain

As it has been noted, with multiple food sensitivities, most people are allergic to the prohibited foods. These foods are known to give you a ‘feel good’ effect. However, this effect does not last long, leading to an insatiable craving.  

When serotonin is released, you become an eater who must eat for comfort.  With allergic reactions that lead to inflammation, cytokines lead to a reduction in serotonin which ends up complicating weight gain and loss of balance.


The anti-inflammation hormone called cortisol is also responsible for the uncontrolled weight loss. It is produced by the body to control inflammation. Unfortunately, it works by raising your blood sugar levels.

With inflammation caused by allergies, your blood sugar goes up, leading to excess production of insulin.  Eventually, diabetes spikes out of control. Cortisol is also blamed for causing accumulation of fat around your midsection. You end up with an apple-shaped body.

Allergic Reactions

It has been proven that allergic reactions to foods cause nutrient deficiencies because of the inflamed guts alongside an immune system that is overworked. Beneficial bacteria may also be lacking in the gut, leading to nutritional complications.

To fight the allergy, your body may result in using a lot of nutrients. Sometimes those nutrients are not available to your body and therefore it does not operate efficiently.

The solution to Weight Gain Caused by Multiple Food Sensitivities

The solution is to use the elimination of food method, to capture the delayed food allergies and multiple food sensitivities. This helps you identify the foods that have been affecting your body. Once you have eliminated the problematic foods, you can expect quick weight loss that may be visible within seven days.

You may need a specialist’s guidance to be certain that the identified foods are responsible for the unending weight gain problem.  For me, I learned that by eliminating grains from my diet during a Diet Detox, I could actually pinpoint the foods I no longer needed in my diet. 

I’d noticed that when I added those “bad” foods back into my diet, the weight gain returned.  Those foods were causing me the weight gain and inflammation!  This was a lesson learned.

If you want to lose weight and you find yourself in a cycle of gaining weight or bloating throughout the day, start paying close attention to what you’re eating throughout the day. 

You might find that upon waking, you feel good and your mid-section will appear flat.  Then, as you start eating your first meal of the day, you might notice the bloating start to take effect.  This is when you should consider what you ate for your last meal. 

If you really hone in what you eat throughout the day, you will find that certain foods are causing you the weight gain.  These same foods are probably the foods your body is sensitive to and you should take a break from these such foods. 

I would say eliminate certain foods for about 2 weeks then introduce them back into your diet and see how you feel again, after eating them.  This is what I had to do when I discovered that my favorite snack-blue chips were causing me bloating.  I had to change my favorite snack.

Have you Considered Food Sensitivities for Your Weight Loss Efforts?

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The Trend in Weight Loss Today – Why Many Are Successful Today

By Theresa Harding
My Weight Loss Goal

This year I made the commitment to lose weight and tone.  I didn’t want to commit to a weight loss program or any diet plans for weight loss because I didn’t feel it was necessary.  I did, however, focus on eating foods that promoted weight loss, like green tea for weight loss.  I didn’t need to lose a large amount of weight, but it was over 10 pounds that I was targeting.  So, I created my own plan and workout routine.  Right in my bedroom.  I kept it simple and customized to meet my needs and schedule.

My Results

From January to July I lost 14 pounds.  I was happy to see that the loss of 14 pounds really made a difference in the appearance of my body, and how my clothes fit.  I learned during this weight loss journey that no diet plans for weight loss, or special program or Gym membership was needed if I stayed committed to my own personal, customized exercise plan.  I did continue to drink the green tea for weight loss, along with eating other foods that helped me get results fast.  I invested the time and effort into myself without the pressure of meeting someone else’s expectations.  And it worked!  In this, I learned that, if I can do it, so can you!

Weight Loss Today

Weight loss has become a major and obsessive factor today.  So many people are following diet plans for weight loss and celebrity trends to drop dress sizes.  Their hope is to fit into the clothing ranges of such fashion icons as Kate Moss.   Losing weight needs to be done correctly otherwise you could be risking your health and developing serious problems long term and short term.

The Process of Weight Loss

The secret art of losing weight is by having a definitive plan. You decide that you want to lose 10 pounds in two weeks. You make a commitment to yourself and you get a journal and write it down. Then the next step in the process is to start an exercise regimen. A good start is weighing you, recording the weight, and then setting weekly targets of 2-3lbs or monthly targets of 8-12lbs.  Some of the steps successful people take to Lose Weight are:

  1. This is no secret, but drinking lots of water really do help you lose weight. Drinking water increases your body’s ability to burn fat and increases metabolism.
  2. Light Exercise – You really don’t have to run a marathon, or jog 5 miles every day to experience the benefits of exercise. Doing light weight bearing or bodyweight exercises for just a few minutes 3 days per week does wonders.
  3. Here is the kicker on how to successfully lose weight – with food! No, I don’t mean lettuce leaves and rice cakes. A diet plan for weight loss includes eating foods that burn fat! Green tea for weight loss is one to consider, as the green tea contains the antioxidant EGCG which is known to help you lose weight.  You’ll find this in abundance in the green tea extracts.  You can find that here.   You can eat foods that you normally eat, you just need to know when and how often to eat them. Tricking your body by “calorie switching” is the little-known secret to losing weight.

Now you have a plan and you are ready to start on your weight loss plan and you have a greater chance of success because you have planned and made a commitment.


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Sugar and Aging Skin: How Glycation Affects the Skin


Sugar and Aging Skin

By Theresa Harding (Updated 3/28/21)

These days, we all desire to look young eternally.  We look for ways to stop the aging process in many remedies that were used since Ancient Egyptian times, and beyond.  I remember watching TV commercials with a woman explaining how a specific cream can make you look younger. 

What we don’t realize today, is that stopping the clock on aging goes far beyond the surface of the skin.  Our diet is a large component of how we look on the outside and the aging process.  One culprit to accelerating the aging process is sugar.

Sugar is in almost all the things we eat, ranging from additives in refined foods like biscuits, cakes, and soft drinks to the natural sugars found in some vegetables and fruits.

Consuming high amounts of processed sugar has been correlated with an acceleration of the skin’s aging process. Sugar makes the skin look more aged than it is.   So, if you want to stop the aging process, there are some things you should know about sugar.

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Sugar and Glycation Skin

Sugar reacts with proteins in the body in a process known as glycation. Collagen and elastin are the skin’s building blocks and they are protein in nature so during glycation, Advanced Glycation End Products are formed.

These products can result in the hardening of cell structures and wrinkling of the skin. They also hasten diabetes, cause dark under-eye circles, and several complications to the bloodstream and your organs.

There are some businesses that promote a skin glycation treatment in which they promote helping you restore your skin to better health.  They use different methods that might be natural to help with wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, mature skin, etc. 

If you choose to buy a product that claims this, make sure you do your research heavily to ensure they’re not using harsh chemicals on your skin.  Some harsh ingredients can make your skin problems worse, so beware.

Detox From Food and Sugar Craving Now!

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Sugar and Suppression of Human Growth Hormone

We are supposed to make sure our bodily levels of human growth hormone are high, and glucose represses growth hormone levels. Human growth hormone usually helps to manage heart function, fat metabolism, bone growth, muscle growth, and body composition. 

If these things are not regulated due to sugar aging, you may feel older and look older.  So, you will feel the need to stop the aging process.

Sugar and Inflammation

Inflammation has been linked to a diet with high GI foods and it can result in the breakdown of cells, the reduced elasticity of the skin, and broken capillaries.  These effects can hasten the aging process when sugar is added to the mix.  Refined sugar causes inflammation in the body and contributes to body aches and pains.

Sugar and Insulin Resistance


Sugar and Insulin Resistance

Whenever you eat sugar, the pancreas releases insulin to help in the storage of the sugar in the cells for subsequent use. Advanced products of glycation from elevated sugar intake result in inflammation and cell damage.

You could develop a resistance to insulin and eventually type 2 diabetes. The main indications of insulin resistance include skin tags, particularly on the neck, and dark patches on the back of the neck and the underarms. Individuals with diabetes have been shown to have a reduced immunity as well.

Sugar and Skin Aging

Sugar, refined sugar at that, is mostly found in unhealthy processed foods.  When we consume these unhealthy sugary foods, we are depriving our bodies of crucial minerals and vitamins. Have you ever noticed that when you eat a sweet snack with sugar, you crave more after finishing the snack? 

Sugar and skin aging go hand-in-hand, as refined sugar causes not only glycation of the skin, but it suppresses the immune system and weakens tissues throughout the body.

It’s because your body is still craving the much-needed minerals and vitamins it did not get from the sugary snack.  Minerals and vitamins are essential for keeping up a youthful complexion.

Advanced glycation products make the skin more exposed to the effects of free radicals, which damage skin cells resulting in skin that is less radiant and wrinkled.  Giving you more reason to find ways to stop the aging process.

Sugar and Bone Density

Carbonated sugars like those found in soft drinks can increase osteoporosis significantly, which is another condition that results in premature aging and weakening of the bones.

Ideally, any sugars we take in should come from natural food such as fruits and whole grains. Essentially, we should not eat any processed or refined sugars. Here are tips on slowing down the aging process in terms of diet.

–    Reduce your intake of processed sugar and eliminate it from your diet by cutting out sugary junk food and soft drinks.

–    Eating low GI foods (foods low in sugar whose chemical balance decreases the sugar hits on the system)

–    Eating foods rich in antioxidants such as colorful legumes, vegetables, fruits, spices, and nuts to help decrease inflammation

–    Opt for natural honey instead of sugar

By practicing the above tips, you can be well on your way to slowing down the aging process and promoting better health!

What are alternative ways you’ve used to eliminate processed and refined sugar from your diet?  Please let us know!


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Top 5 Skin Care Routines for Summer and Anti-Aging

By Theresa Harding

Summertime means relaxing and spending lots of time out in the sun, whether in your backyard, at the beach, or in the pool. It is also a time to take a look at your skincare routine.  I will share with you my top 5 skincare routines for summer and antiaging skin.  Even if your concern is only in basic anti-aging skin care, a complete anti-aging skin care routine should be considered. 

It is time to lighten up your clothing to avoid sweating more, and through this, you get more exposed to the sun.  Relaxing under the sun may seem harmless, but sun rays are known to bring about sun damage, uneven skin, or even redness when exposed for length of time.  An effective summer skin care routine is essential during the summer time. 

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It is common to find people using various sunscreen and anti-aging products to protect and moisturize their skin.  I like to buy skincare products specific to the season.  My absolute favorite sunscreen for the summer months is effective for melanin-rich skin tones. 

Below are 5 summer skincare regimens that you can practice.  I find them to be quite simple, but back to the basics; a practice some of us seemed to have moved away from:

Moisturizing Skin Care Routine

The skin gets dehydrated quickly during summer; hence a moisturizing skin care routine is needed.  Choose a moisturizer that is lighter than the one you would use during the winter and fall seasons, but leaves your skin feeling fresh and relaxed. 

When you buy skin care products for the summer skin care, They should contain an SPF component of at least 30 to provide a high level-broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection while at the same time moisturizing.

The best summer skin care products don’t need an SPF greater than 50.  Choose a moisturizer that contains plant stem cells and antioxidants as it protects against aging.

Exfoliating Skin Care Routine

Exfoliating is a good summer skin care routine which should be done once or twice a week to clear away impurities on the skin and rejuvenate it.   I like to exfoliate my skin twice a week in the shower with my favorite body scrub by Shea Moisture.  It smells so yummy!  During the summer, the skin is a bit oilier than usual, so exfoliating will leave the skin fresh and radiant as it opens the pores.

Don’t overdo it!  You can also use the best summer skin care products, which are usually homemade scrubs, and probably won’t cause you any side effects.  It’s also important to continue exfoliating your skin even when the seasons change into the Fall season to prevent dryness.

Exfoliating skin care for men should not be overlooked, as it can reduce wrinkles and remove any dry patches on the skin.  As explained by grooming expert Lauren Rachel of, guys should exfoliate twice a week, preferably before shaving.  So men, this routine is not only for women.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

There are any health benefits of drinking water and I’ve listed a few of them in this section to help you understand the importance of drinking water.  According to an article written by UW Health, if your skin is lacking in sufficient amounts of water, the lack of hydration will contribute to dry, tight and flaky skin. Dry skin has less resilience, suppleness, less detoxification, and is more prone to wrinkling.

This does not account for external use of water on the skin, but this also counts for internal use of water, that is, drinking your water is just as important. There are  many health benefits of drinking water and one of them is certainly drinking plenty of water.  Hydration is key to healthy skin, hair, nails and collagen production which also benefits the appearance and suppleness of the skin.

Many people do not get enough water daily, even when the standard amount of drinking water that one should consume is 8 glasses of water daily.  That requirement is usually not met by many. 

 During summer, the body and skin need constant hydration hence, increasing your need to drink more water.  Water keeps the skin glowing and moist, plumps up the skin cells and cleanses the body of toxins and any unwanted waste.  Staying hydrated reduces the chances of the fine lines and wrinkles developing.  

Without the help of water in your diet, Even the best summer skin care products will not be effective.  You may choose to drink a cup of green tea to quench your thirst, as tea is quite beneficial for your skin as it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Green tea has epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which protects the skin from sun damage.  If you need more EGCG, you could also take a Green Tea Extract.  This is one that I’ve taken in the past.  It’s easier to take because it’s in a liquid form, which is quicker to absorb than in pill form.

Here’s a good read that really opened my eyes about the importance of drinking water is written by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.  You can check that out for more on how to get water in your diet healthfully.

Skin Care and Diet

Skin care and diet can go a long way in promoting healthy skin.  If your diet is low in water, and high in greasy, oily, toxic-laden processed foods, it will show in the appearance of your skin.  Choosing foods that will promote smooth, radiant skin is a must. 

This means eating foods that are clean, water-rich, healthy and balanced.  Avoiding refined sugar from processed foods, fried foods, fast foods, and even dairy can cause a negative effect on the appearance of your skin.  Consuming mostly vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants will protect the skin from the UV rays and are also good for the health of the skin.

Consider eating fresh foods rather than foods that contain chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colors, as they tend to aggravate the skin while accelerating aging.  This is not to be included in your summer skin care routine. 

Sun Skin Care

The UV rays from the sun cause skin damage, as it destroys the elastin and causes loss of collagen, increasing the appearance of wrinkles, drooping skin, and lost jawline.  This happens when you’re exposed to the the damaging rays for prolonged periods of time.  So, avoid spending too much time in the sun.  When you are out in the sun, make sure that you have applied sunscreen of at least SPF 30

It’s important to consider a post skin care routine to prevent damage to the skin.  Consider using products like a natural Aloe Vera, from the plant itself, or a aloe Vera gel that’s can be used for an after sun care routine.

Cleansing away the impurities from your skin will allow your skin to breathe and remain healthy, especially your face.  Just water alone won’t do the job when your skin is exposed to environmental allergens and toxins daily.  Your skin will need a gentle cleanser that will remove the impurities that could potentially cause clogged pores if not cleansed properly.

Wear protective clothing, walk on the less sunny side of the street, and avoid being under the direct sun when the UV rays are strongest.  These are just the simplest ways I ‘ve learned to protect my skin from the aging process. 

Once you experience sun-damage to your skin, it might be hard to reverse the damage done.  It’s important to protect yourself as much as possible.  So, don’t hesitate to buy skin care products for the summer.

What is your Anti-Aging Remedy?

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Top Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies


Seasonal Allergy Remedies

By Theresa Harding (Updated 3/20/21)

If you struggle with seasonal allergies and want to learn how to prepare for the seasonal changes, keep reading.  I will share with you some tips that will help you learn the top natural remedies for seasonal allergies to support your immune system and prevent allergy flareups that keep you from feeling miserable.

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What are Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies are triggered by airborne pollen during the seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall.  This is influenced by longer growing seasons for the noxious weeds and other plants that trigger seasonal allergies and asthma attacks.  This process causes millions of people to suffer.

Spring and Summer are beautiful seasons for many people, but for those who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms, these seasons can bring challenges to their health. 

Diet and seasonal allergies medication can help lessen the symptoms to stop seasonal allergies.   Seasonal allergy treatment can also in some cases, prove to be more effective than over-the-counter allergy medications.

Seasonal allergies are mainly caused by pollen from fresh-cut grass, weeds, blooming trees, and flowers. Estimates of 40 to 60 million people are affected yearly, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Rhinitis.

The most common and prevalent type of allergy is allergic rhinitis.  Which refers to hay fever and seasonal allergies that occur not only in spring but also in summer and into the fall.

Who is Affected by Seasonal Allergies?


Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies affect some individuals, but not everyone. Some people can be affected by pollen from cottonwood trees; others from ragweed, so it is vital to pay attention and recognize what causes your allergic reactions so that you can take action with seasonal allergy treatment.

Some individuals may also experience allergic reactions from certain foods like:

1. Melons

2. Cucumbers

3. Chamomile tea

4. Processed foods

5. Peanuts

6. Shellfish

7. Wheat

8. Soy

9. Chocolate

10. Alcohol

11. Caffeine

12. Zucchini

This is common among individuals who have a ragweed allergy.  If you have ragweed allergies or any other form of seasonal allergies, avoid the foods listed above. 

During Spring, any food that you are sensitive to should be avoided if your desire is to stop seasonal allergies, even if you do try naturopathic remedies or seasonal allergies medication.

Foods that Help with Allergies

There are some foods to enjoy during allergy seasons that help in relieving allergy symptoms and strengthening the immune system. These foods include:

  1. Raw honey– You could also find a bee farm near you for more local honey.
  2. Bone broth– This is also found in the form of powders.
  3. Probiotic-rich foods– this includes fermented foods like saurkraut, pickles, kimchi, etc.
  4. Apple cider vinegar
  5. Fresh organic vegetables
  6. Pineapple
  7. Wild-caught fish
  8. Free-range poultry
  9. Grass-fed meats if you’re a carnivore, of course.

Raw honey purchased from our local bee farm has worked best as a reliever of allergic reactions for my family because it has local pollen that causes allergies.  I give this to my husband and kids during the winter months and by Spring, they experience very low to no allergy symptoms. 

It’s amazing!  It is recommended to take a couple of tablespoons a day. They only took 1 teaspoon a day from September through April when they would first start feeling symptoms of allergies.  Bone broth can be from lamb, beef, or chicken; it aids to ease respiratory problems and help to remove excess nasal mucus.

Hot and spicy recipes from onion, garlic, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper thin mucus and allow it to be easily expelled. Probiotic foods help to build a healthy immune system, increase body metabolism and energy and improve the gut system.

The Diet Makeover

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Research on Foods for Seasonal Allergies

Recent studies emerging from western countries have shown many potentially beneficial health effects of cinnamon such as anti-inflammatory properties, anti-microbial activity, blood glucose control, reducing cardiovascular disease, boosting cognitive function, and reducing the risk of colonic cancer.

The enzyme Bromelain, vitamin B, and vitamin C help to reduce seasonal allergy reactions. Apple cider vinegar aids in boosting the immune system breaks up mucus and maintains lymphatic drainage. Organic veggies like Swiss, beets, carrots, and yams that are high in quercetin help to fight seasonal allergies.

Clean proteins like grass-fed meats, wild-caught, free-range poultry are rich in omega-3s, proteins, and minerals that improve immunity.

Other Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Naturopathic remedies and other seasonal allergies treatment can also be employed in controlling seasonal allergies this spring. Natural remedies when partnered with healthy diets help to relieve allergy symptoms. They include;

  • Neti Pot– use of the Neti Pot after exposure with an allergen or during allergy season can be a very effective way to flush out mucus and nasal congestion.  This is my favorite way to clean my nose.


  • Essential oils– use of diffusing essential oils like lavender, menthol, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil are necessary to open the nasal passages and lungs, dismiss stress, and improve blood circulation.


  • Acupuncture– According to a small study that was published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture relieved seasonal allergy symptoms in 26 patients and without any side effects. It is advisable before you commence use of acupuncture, to meet with an acupuncturist.


Lifestyle Changes to Combat Seasonal Allergies


Foods to Avoid

There are lifestyle changes to practice during allergy season like staying hydrated, limit exposure to pollen, and shower before bed to remove dust and pollen, frequently wash clothes and beddings, wipe down pets that spent much time outdoors, use hard-surfaced flooring instead of carpet, de-clutter and always keep doors and windows closed.

I’ve listed allergies supplements or natural seasonal allergies medication we’ve tried in our own family that has helped us.  You can find these here.

What natural remedies for seasonal allergies have you tried that are very effective?  Please share!

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Grounding for Better Health

Grounding for Health

By Theresa Harding

What is Grounding or Earthing?

Grounding or Earthing is the practice of connecting to the earth by walking barefoot on the ground, concrete, sand, or grass.  In grounding, you uptake the Earth’s surface electrons.  You can do this outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems.   The energy is transferred from the ground into the body.

This ancient practice has been known to provide the body with many health benefits.  The benefits include increased circulation and antioxidants.  The surface of the planet is electrically conductive (except in limited ultradry areas such as deserts), and its negative potential is maintained (i.e., its electron supply replenished) by the global atmospheric electrical circuit.

Increasing evidence says that the Earth’s negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems.

It is also well proven that electrons from antioxidant molecules neutralize reactive oxygen species.  These free radicals, as they are called are involved in the body’s immune and inflammatory responses.

Getting Grounded for Health

You may have frequently heard friends or loved ones who are taking some time off to describe their experience as ‘getting grounded’.  All things considered, believe it or not, Grounding or Earthing could have a profound impact on your health and physiological well-being.  

However, the application of getting grounded might be considerably easier and simpler than you might suspect.  Truth be told, it just requires that you simply remove your shoes!

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The Need for Getting Grounded

The earth has a quantifiable electrical charge, as do our bodies.  Generally, in our society, we tend to live most of our lives outdoors in shoes with thick rubber soles.  Our environment is full of items with electrical currents, like cars, computers, smartphones, and electronics.   In this, we lose the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment when getting grounded.

Because the magnetic fields of these different items connect with your own natural field, they interact, resulting in tiny imbalances of electrical charge which will accumulate over time. These imbalances measure a well-known explanation for inflammation in your body tissues.

Getting the Most from Your Grounded Experience 

In addition to placing yourself in contact with the earth’s electrical charge, or earthing, which is the sole natural supply of electrical charge our bodies have adapted to cope with, you should also practice standing tall, with good posture.

Most people spend a lot of their time sitting, which has effects on their posture, and even their brain chemistry. It has been proven that slouching increases the speed of cortisol production in your brain, making you feel more tired and stressed.  Giving you the reverse experience of the power of the mind.

All of the important nerves and blood vessels travel through the back of the neck inside the spinal cord. When you stand up straight and tall, it is easier for you to take deep breaths of fresh air.  It’s also easier for your oxygenated blood to travel everywhere in your body.  In return, this makes you feel more positive and alert with a level of spiritual enlightenment.

Grounding Techniques and How to Ground


Bare Feet on the Grass, Sand, or Pavement

Performing this exercise consistently is the simple way to ground your body and enhance your health. To start, put your feet about hip-width apart and shake gently forward and backward, and side to side in order to find your center of balance.

Ensure there is equal pressure on both the internal and external of your feet. Try to gently grasp the ground with your toes and plant yourself into the earth.

Since we sit so much, a great number of people often slouch, which compresses the spine. We can decompress the spine by standing tall after we have discovered our balance and solidly plant our feet in the ground.

Allow a slight give in your knees and tuck in your tailbone slightly. Pull your shoulder bones back softly and allow your chest to rise as if being pulled straight up by a string connected to your breastbone.

I personally like to water the grass in my back yard for more effective grounding, as water makes it easier to absorb the negative ions from the earth.

The Benefits of Grounding

As you adjust your body’s electricity directly over your feet, you will be effectively ridding your tissues of inflammation, be it sore muscles or the strain of things in your atmosphere you may not know about.  

By standing tall and breathing deeply you are sending a tsunami of oxygen-rich blood to your brain, hence, a power of the mind, the number one most nutritive thing your body needs.

Doing this straightforward and simple practice for only a couple of minutes a day, you are guaranteed to feel more ready and balanced throughout your day.  You may even experience spiritual enlightenment.

Continually practicing grounding, there are numerous health benefits you can achieve.  Some benefits include improved immune function, improved digestion, improved sleep, rapid healing of injuries, improved blood circulation, harmonization and stabilization of the body’s basic biological rhythms, accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity, reduction of inflammation, reduced stress, anxiety, irritability, and reduced electro-sensitivity.

Grounding Benefits


Grounding or Earthing can be practiced by anyone who wants to connect with nature and receive the healing benefits from mother nature.  Getting the free antioxidants straight from the earth is priceless!  Practicing this form of natural healing can benefit everyone!

Start today and get grounded to help promote health and healing in your body!  Here is a great book you might like to read if you want to learn more about grounding. Click Here!

There’s also a documentary you may be interested in called, “The Earthing Movie,” in which Dr. Mercola appears.  The documentary explains the science behind grounding and how the practice of grounding has dramatically improved the lives of patients.

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Have you tried Grounding?   Please share your experience!

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