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5 Memorable Ways to Create a Happy Father’s Day

By Theresa Harding

At this time of year, we always look for the perfect gifts for father and ways to wish the fathers in the family a Happy Father’s Day.  We already know that Father’s Day is a day set aside purposely to recognize and appreciate all fathers.  We want to celebrate all father figures for their role in the family.

Usually, the Dads are treated well by their families as a sign of appreciation. If you need ideas on how to celebrate this day, keep reading.  The following are memorable ways to celebrate this special day with a great father’s day gift.

Surprise Him

Is the father in your life up as a surprise for their Father’s Day gift?  Surprise him with something he loves. Before the day starts, grab some tickets for a live game at the stadium, depending on the sport he loves. Preferably, ensure his favorite team is in action that day and surprise him with a ticket to a live match and accompany him to the event.

Outdoor Activities Make Great Gifts for Father

As another gift for father, engage in an outdoor activity with him. Organize a picnic for the whole family and ensure he is attending. During the picnic, you can go bike riding together as well besides camping in the woods. Moreover, during the picnic or camping, you can go hunting in the woods and barbeque. Hiking in the woods can flavor the whole outdoor activity and create best memories for the day.


For the fathers who are fun loving and love parties, arrange for a simple dance session with family members in the house. Once he is out of work, ensure he freshens up before dropping his favorite jam. Alert the mother to join him on the floor to dance with him as you watch and create a video of the two dancing.

Take A Road Trip

A road trip during this day can make great memories for a Happy Father’s Day.  Drive along with your Dad and family to a distant location out of town. Along the way take family photos together, make stopovers and buy gifts for him. At the end of the trip, grab drinks and have an outdoor dinner together as everyone shares with him how special he is to the family.

Do Something He Enjoys Doing

Kickstart something he has been looking forward to doing. If your father had a certain plan to start something like a project, surprise him by assisting him in starting it off. For example, you could provide funds for him to start or acquire some hardware for the project.

This will melt his heart.  Whatever you decide, make it the best Happy Father’s Day memory he will cherish in the years after.  So if you are struggling to find the perfect father’s day gift idea, consider the above gifts for Father and make the best of it.

How do you create a Happy Father’s day?


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